In order to a achieve No Kill community in Baton Rouge, we must have our community's feral cat population spayed/neutered. If you have a colony of stray/feral cats in your area, please fill out the FERAL TNR REQUEST so that we can help get those cats sterilized so they don't produce even more homeless kittens. This request form assists us in providing the best volunteer for your needs.

Over 80% of all kittens are born to feral (wild) cat colonies. In Baton Rouge, there are an estimated 60,000 feral cats. It's obvious that in order to solve the huge problem of homeless cats, we certainly must adress the feral cat issue in our area. The old method of dealing with feral cats was called "catch and kill" - catch the animals and put them down. This older method has proven totally ineffective, not to mention inhumane!

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) has proven in numerous studies to be a humane, effective, and cost saving method of controlling the numbers of feral cats. The cats are gathered into humane traps, brought to a vet for spay/neuter and rabies vaccine, then released back to their habitat. Studies have shown that with this method, the numbers stabilize and gradually diminish over time. The nuisance behaviors also stop, while their interest in hunting insects and mice persist!